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The Reinvention of America talk for Fannie Mae in DC

December 16, 2013

The Reinvention of America: How Technology is Driving a Transformation Seen Only a Handful of Times in American History, by Peter Leyden.This talk was given in October 2013 at Fannie Mae (technically the Federal National Mortgage Association) headquarters in Washington DC and was webcast to other key company locations including Dallas and Reston Virginia. Far more people watched online than in the hall and here you can see the switched feed that went out.

This is an updated version of Leyden’s core The Reinvention of America talk tailored to the mortgage industry and the financial field in general. It also incorporates material on Reinventors, his startup that leverages group video to bring together top innovators to work on solving many complex challenges. The talk goes for about an hour, and then there is extensive question and answer time at the end.

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