Other Work

One side effect of Leyden speaking frequently on new technologies and fields of the future is that he’s in a position to give organizations more tailored advice on what to do about what’s next.

Leyden’s keynote talks lay out the generic implications of new tech developments and the trends shaping the coming decade for whole industries and fields. On occasion he’s asked by a company or organization to interpret how those larger implications could filter down and specifically impact them.

Leyden can craft a talk to senior executives, working groups or the whole organization and carry out a more nuanced conversation with employees. He’s also been asked to act as an outside expert in workshops and company meetings, and help drive parts of the plenary program or breakout sessions.

Leyden has experience working with clients to solve complex problems. He worked from 2001 to 2005 at Global Business Network, a futures think tank and strategy consulting firm that worked with top global corporations and government agencies. (During the end of his time there, GBN was bought by the Monitor Group.)

GBN pioneered a way of melding ongoing research on future trends with scenario planning to shape long-term strategies. They built up a network of remarkable people in many fields impacting the future that they would draw off to solve particularly complex challenges that other consulting firms and their generic formulas could not solve.