This website collects some of the best past work and evolving new ideas of Peter Leyden, part technology evangelist, part serial innovator, and part public intellectual focused on the future. What does all that mean?

I’ve spent the last couple decades following the front edge of the Digital Revolution and helping others take advantage of the new opportunities that open up.

I’ve worked for a series of pioneering organizations that tracked that digital disruption and helped reinvent the fields of media (Wired magazine), business (Global Business Network), and politics (The New Politics Institute).

I have always publicly shared what I’ve learned through frequent keynote talks on new technologies and future trends at conferences and meetings, as well as through books, new media and web videos.

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This website serves several purposes and breaks down into general sections:

  • Speaking: Here you get an overview of the 3 core talks that I’ve developed over the years, and you can view versions of The Reinvention of America, Our Age of Transformation and The Next Tech Paradigm Shifts in their entirety. You can also see other tailored talks I’ve given on the tech campuses of Apple and Youtube, or on specialized topics.
  • My Written Work: Here you eventually will find the basic framing of my new book idea on The Reinvention of America, as well as references to my previous two books and other articles.
  • Interviewing: I spent the 4 years prior to my current company Reinventors running Next Agenda, a new media startup specializing in pushing the front edge of web video, among other things. Here you can find some of the best video work I was involved with, including interviews, standups on camera, and small documentaries.
  • Contact: This website acts as a hub for all the other parts of my digital world. At the top of every page you find the key links to my social media and at the bottom right a follow tab to get email updates.
  • Reinvent: Here you get the overview of my new startup company that will carry out my next big project: Reinventors. We are producing a series of roundtable discussions among top innovators over the new medium of group video about how to fundamentally Reinvent America.

Again, welcome to my world. I hope you find something of interest and learn something. And do stay connected.